We offer indoor and outdoor parking


  • Motorbike                                        25 USD/month
  • Car/Truck per 1m, max. 2m wide    10 USD/month
  • Truck per 1m, >2m wide            11,50 USD/month
  • Overall we calculate every 10cm


  • Motorcycle                           15 USD/month 
  • Car/Truck                             30 USD/month

Every parking includes transfer to the next busstation and battery/tire check.

Camping from 15 USD/day, Powerline 220V -30PesosUY/kWh. Hut for 4 persons 35USD/night. Toilets, sinks and showers with warm water available.

Car cleaning place with high pressure cleaner 2h 20USD, Workshop for self making repairs 15USD/h without tools.

Max. parking time 12 month (as the uruguayan temporary permit is only 12 month valid).

Airport shuttle 49USD

For longer parking terms please contact us.